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A word for Norway

A word for Norway:

I could hear a sound like a horn blowing but in the distance and very muffled -just as if there was fog out at sea. It is a very ancient sound but it is getting clearer. Not a trumpet but definitely an old horn.

I saw a huge man crashing and stumbling around in front of me. He was dressed in old and rather tattered clothes from the past but looked as if he had been a warrior in his time. Long fair hair, leather type of jerkin and the remains of a helmet. The landscape was windswept, covered with the kind of grass you get when nothing else will grow because the wind is so strong. It felt cold and bleak and I had a feeling I was not far from the sea. There were some humps in the earth and I knew they were old graves, long since forgotten.
At first I thought the man was blind but the Lord said that he was just rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. He did not know who he was and his memory was blurred. He had heard the sound of the horn and was aware it needed an answer. He recognised it but was not able to fully grasp what was going on. I also felt the Lord was saying that this man needed to be given time to wake up properly - it cannot be rushed. When I asked the Lord who the man was I got the reply that the man of the North was waking up.

The man finally stumbled off towards a town and we were in the present day, modern Norway. I knew the past was colliding spiritually with the present. I could see people gathering in the streets. They too like the first man had heard the muffled horn and were coming out in their pyjamas, night clothes and whatever was at hand to see what was going on. And I heard them all saying that it was a call to the homeland. Nobody really knew what to do or understood what was happening but again I feel when these folk really wake up, things could get really interesting.

Then the first man appeared again and I saw him trying to cross over the water into other lands. I could see Ireland, Scotland and our own northern coasts. He was wanting to embrace people but they fled from him. This seemed to upset him greatly. Then the Lord spoke to him directly and told him to go and clean his sword and put on the armour of the Lord. The sword was rusty and had old blood on it and the armour was the dirty, tattered remnants that he was wearing when I first saw him. I had a feeling that some ancient scores needed settling here and other lands still remember this. The man needs to understand this. Also a feeling that there are some feuds at home which grieve the Lord that need settling first. It is right that this man should go abroad, but the timing needs to be right.

I see in the Spirit a battle going on off the coast of Norway. A huge monster rises up out of the sea without warning and attacks the man. It has tentacles and tries to hold him under the water to drown him. I see his sword sticking up still, but the battle is intense. Then I see an absolutely evil red eye looking at me. The eye is very crude, and I have a feeling that it could have been painted on the white sail of a ship coming down from the north. It is absolutely demonic and seems to want the move of the Spirit contained to that nation only. I feel the man only will have a chance when he is ready, when the sword is cleaned and the armour on. Otherwise he risks being wiped out.


I saw a man coming towards me, emerging from the inside of a dark mountain. He looked disorientated, and was staggering as if he was still very sleepy. It was night time, but a moon was shining and I could see everything quite easily. I could also see the figure of a woman coming to meet the man.

I was reminded instantly of Peer Gynt and his lover, Solveig, who had to wait for his return so patiently and faithfully for many years. She never gave up on him. I felt that the Lord was saying that this picture was indeed the "suite", or the next part of Norway's story.

The man was old, wrinkled and scarred, not a pretty sight. He knelt down beside a pool where I could see his reflection in the water. He was very shocked when he saw himself, and started to touch his face in disbelief and fear. He wanted to look away from the reflection, but the figure of his lover, Solveig, came up behind him very gently. She put her hand on his shoulder and encouraged him to wash in the pool. This he did. He needed to be encouraged to wash many, many times. Each time that he washed, he got cleaner and less wrinkled. I knew that at the end of the process he would be renewed and restored.

I felt that the Lord said to me that the sin of Norway is very great. But she has been unaware of her sinful, wrinkled condition, like someone who is in a state of enchantment or sleepwalking. Now is the time for the nation to come out of this state. God said to me that the shock of seeing the nation's true condition in the bright light of the Spirit would be too much of a shock for many people. That was the reason why it was not yet day time. Many just couldn't bear the fullness of that light. But the Lord was being merciful, and causing things to happen gradually. In my vision, even the sight of his reflection in the night pool was a terrible shock for Peer Gynt. Without the help of his faithful companion Solveig, he would have turned away from the pool, discouraged and unwashed.

Solveig represents the Lord, faithfully loving our nation. Although there are some powerful, demonic covenants at work over the nation, the power of God's love for Norway is deeper, stronger and older. The Lord has been faithfully waiting for Norway. Although His people there have been unaware of their true state, now a call is going out to them, calling them to wake up; to be restored and to be renewed.

The scripture I received was Ephesians 5 v 8 -14 and very specifically "Wake up 0 sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you. "

The Lord showed me that there would be great pastors, warriors and evangelists to come out of this nation, mighty in battle but with a huge heart for the sheep and the lost. There are men and women who are in preparation right now who will be radical in crying out for justice and change in the nation.

There was also a fishing net and I heard the Lord saying that this nation would have great skill in fishing for Him and that a great catch of many kinds of fish was out there for them. And also that they would have great skill in dangerous waters although I am not sure what this means. I could also see Iceland and a kind of spiritual linking going on.

Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's". Mat 22 v 22

I saw a fish with a coin in its mouth and the Lord started to speak about money matters. I felt very strongly that the Lord was interested in the way the nation was using her wealth. I felt He was wanting to bless and give her great wealth, like the ships of Tarshish in the Bible. If they would honour him with their wealth, that the blessing would come. I felt the Lord saying that the Norwegian people were shrewd in money matters but that when it was handed over to Him, this knowledge has the potential to bless in a mighty way. They are meant to be open handed and generous in their dealings, noted in the nations for this attitude. And of course, the Lord's own people are meant to take a leading role in setting these standards.

" He sends his command to the earth; His word runs swiftly. He spreads the snow like wooland scatters the frost like ashes. He hurls down hail like pebbles. Who can withstand his icy blast? He sends his word and melts them; He stirs up his breezes and the waters flow" Psalm 147

I saw a picture of a stone troll, and felt the Lord talking about changing hearts of stone to hearts of flesh. It was as if there had once been a living heart of flesh, but my picture was of blood being frozen very slowly and finally becoming still. I felt the Lord saying that he would send tears of repentance and of longing to melt this heart. Only tears would work against this spirit. I saw for a moment the picture in C. S. Lewis' story of Narnia, where the evil Queen has turned everything to winter and has the power to turn people to stone. When I asked the Lord what I was seeing, He spoke about "icy citadels of witchcraft" which seemed to be high up in the mountains and were preventing the rivers of the spirit from coming to wash over the land. But as His word came to the nation, these citadels would be melted and the waters would flow again.

I also felt that the Lord was pointing out the effects of this on His Church and on the personality of the people. They are meant to be adventurous, passionate and filled with compassion but there is a legalism and a stiffness in many parts of the Church and a fear of being out of control if they allow the Holy Spirit to have His way. I could see an army of marching Christians. They were standing and moving on with him yet there was a stiffness about them. But the Lord was wanting to bring so much joy and freedom. In the personality of the nation is a reserve and a desire to protect themselves which has also hindered the Lord in giving the fullness that He wants to give. It was as if the nation is looking at others and the nations around through a chink in the curtains.

Under the snow I could see a fiery glow. The fire of the Spirit is there and there are places where it is not far under the surface either. And I felt that it is so in hearts too - so much fire hidden there under the surface waiting to be released.

The Lord also showed me a very beautiful fjord which was still and clear. There was no movement on its surface and I could not see the bottom, only the reflection of the mountains around, like a picture postcard. And I saw the Lord stirring up the waters. As in the healing of the paralysed man, this is a time for healing for the nation and for individuals. But it will also mean that some very unwelcome, nasty things are dredged up from the waters. I could see great joy in the healing and I believe that the Lord's heart is to do mighty signs of healing with his people. At the same time He was showing me what looked like dangerous wrecks hidden just under the surface of the nation - ungodly alliances, ungodly vows, leftovers from the War, attitudes to other nations, and pacts undergirded with more pacts. Much has happened out of a desire for self protection and fear. These things have to be cleared. This can be done in an attitude of repentance, so that these things are dealt with - not for judgement but so that the fullness of the Lord's blessing can come."


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