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Sweden as a Lighthouse

Sweden as a Lighthouse
7 March 2011
by Jennifer Rossbach
I had this vision as I was praying of a strong fortress which represented the structures and institutions in Sweden that have replaced God and our reliance upon Him. I saw how the prayers of the saints have caused this seemingly indestructible fortress to begin to disintegrate from within each brick and they were becoming brittle. As the prayers continued to rise up concerning this fortress it crumbled from within as if it were only chunks of sand piled in to nothing at the end.
I also saw the need for vigilance of prayer to be lifted for those who would be called to help rebuild a new and holy structure with the partnership of the Holy Spirit as the architect. Those who perhaps felt unworthy would be positioned around people of influence to breathe new life in to their hearts and truth would be illuminated so that change could be granted though an open door that no man could shut. Isaiah 45:1.
I sense a profound portion of God’s love being deposited over this nation. As these called individuals care for the hearts of those entrusted to make influential decisions, a new precedent would be set. A reversal of the emphasis on “the system” would be replaced with an emphasis on “the individual”. Hunger to understand the Father’s heart would burn in their hearts.
I see tears of repentance as their eyes were now open to see the errors of the past, yet God's love would not allow them to settle in regret since shame is a tactic the enemy tries to put on the people. Redemption through His love and through His blood releases them from any grip of shame. The enemy cannot continue to steal in this way. Newness is on the horizon!
A beacon of light is being released and I almost see Sweden as a lighthouse guiding and directing the other nations as these other nations encounter chaos. Hope and truth emanate from this light beaming from the Nordic nations... Sweden will be a trustworthy friend to many countries who seek to know the Truth and Sweden’s testimony will shatter the lies the enemy has tried to present through the media on a global scale.
The Lord's love (light) will burn away disillusion (fog) which has kept the people of this world in a state of distraction. Sweden will be a prototype of the Lord's unfathomable love and hope to other countries.
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