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Eat from the Right Tree Finland!

Eat from the Right Tree Finland!

By Debra Westbrook

(These words are focused on Finland, where I live and minister but I know that many can find encouragement and challenges in them personally for their own lives.)

“Recently while talking to an individual, I began to see a vision unfold before my eyes. I saw her standing in the garden – a place of intimacy and fellowship with the Lord. Having come out of religion, this place of intimacy was fresh and new to her. Religion had bound her in previous years and now the new found freedom was fresh and invigorating as she walked and talked with God on a daily basis.

Yet in this garden, I also began to see a snake trying to wrap itself around her legs. I immediately knew that this snake was very disturbed that she had come out of religion into freedom. He wanted to pull her back into his clutches to keep her in bondage and in captivity. This snake tried to steal her joy and newfound freedom in Christ by speaking words of doubt, unbelief and fear into her life. In these words there was the constant sound – “Has God really said?”

These words of doubt came from other people that the snake was using to cause her to doubt this place that she found herself in – a place of deep satisfaction and intimacy. These words were coming from a religious spirit that is so prevalent in Finland. The religious spirit is a breeding ground for lying and deceptive spirits to operate and manipulate the people of God in this nation. This spirit is violent and does not stop in spreading lies and deception so that people doubt God and doubt God’s true apostles and prophets and the truth they are bringing forth. This woman was sitting under an anointing of truth and it is setting her free and religious people can’t stand it and will stop at nothing to control and manipulate her back into bondage.

She stood before two trees – the tree of knowledge and the tree of life and she had to make a choice. From what tree would she pick from?  The tree of knowledge held an easy route back into religion. The Tree of Life is Christ Himself moving through true apostolic and prophetic leadership. Choosing the tree of knowledge would lead her into a broad path of what appeared to be the safety of religion where there were no demands on her to change or to triumph in Christ. The Tree of Life was filled with challenges and more questions than there were answers. The Tree of Life will keep us close to the Lord Himself. The Tree of Life, unlike religion, does not foster dependence on man or man’s wisdom or on man’s programs or agenda. The Tree of Life brings freedom along with constant persecution from religious people that need to have everything packaged and figured out.

Which did she choose? The Tree of Life, of course. Why? Because a taste of freedom caused her eyes to be opened to the path of religion and she wanted no part of lies and deception and manipulation any longer. Christ had set her free and she wanted no part of being in bondage again to any form of control or death. I then began to see her challenge the snake that was wrapping itself around her legs with the authority that she found in herself because of Christ in her. She did not challenge it lightly but with great power and conviction.
She confronted the lying spirit that was coming at her from another individual that the snake was using to try to bring her back into bondage and captivity. This lying spirit fueled by religion backed off and then left her alone as the snake unwrapped itself from her legs. She made a choice and in that choice her life will never be the same. She is choosing the narrow path of intimacy with her Lord no matter what people think or say about her. God honors that in her and He is blessing her with great joy, liberty and freedom in Christ.”
End of Vision

As I listened to her talk that day and saw this vision unfold before my eyes, I knew that there were many like her in Finland. Many are held captive by religion along with its lying spirits and its spirits of deception that produce fear in an individual. This fear causes them to run from the truth because of an inaccurate teaching in this nation about the power of the Cross and the Blood to truly set people free. Religion blinds the eyes of so many people here and they don’t see they are blind. They are caught in a trap and it will be Christ Himself flowing through the apostolic and the prophetic that will set them free to BE again, to live again, to breathe again. They run from God instead of running to Him because religion makes them think that it alone has the only answer. Religion lies and calls evil good and good evil, perverting and twisting the truth for its advantage.  Religion denies the supernatural and has a form of godliness but denies the power.

Yet – our God is victorious and He is leading many out one by one to produce a glorious Church in Finland made up of radical and on-fire people who hold nothing back as they pursue God with their whole heart and their whole being. Coming out is never easy but it is worth it. The Apostles and Prophets will rise up with truth in a nation that often denies their very existence. Yet, this unbelief will not stop God from breaking through as the Apostles and Prophets build habitations for His glory all through this nation now and in the coming days. May God alone get all glory and honor and praise!

It is a new day and a new time for Finland. There is NO turning back NOW!

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