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A Great Awakening in Finland

A Great Awakening in Finland

By Debra Westbrook

Recently, God told a team of 3 of us to go to Finland from April 16-29. Out of obedience we embarked upon our journey, which led us through Helsinki and by train to the north of Finland into a town called Oulu. While in Finland, God brought us into times of intercession and prophetic acts, speaking to us clearly concerning His heart for the nation of Finland. God specifically told us to go on these dates, which coincided with the planetary alignments that are now occurring in the heavenlies. We did not have knowledge of this until we were in Helsinki, watching CNN, whereby they described this heavenly phenomenon occurring right before our eyes. God is revealing His glory through His celestial bodies to the nations of the earth and speaking to us of a spiritual awakening and birthing that is taking place. While there, God spoke to us concerning this nation.

"There is coming a great awakening in the nation of Finland."
In times of intercession and worship, we began to see visions. We proclaimed the Word of God over this nation. God began to show me a vision of a high mountain. Upon this mountain stood an old rugged cross, austere and serene upon the heights, which are covered in ice and snow. Suddenly, I saw the Lord Jesus ascend the heights, take the cross, and remove it from its place on this high mountain. In the place where the old rugged cross was, He alone now stood, with arms outstretched wide to encompass this nation with His everlasting love, mercy, and grace, fulfilling the law which has held this nation bound in religion and tradition which has usurped His desire for relationship and intimacy.

As He stood, high and lifted up in resurrection power, the reality of a living Savior flowed through this nation, and suddenly the ice and snow began to melt under His feet, revealing the brilliance of green grass. The snow formed rivers of living water melting, going down the mountain, overflowing into cities and towns where pastors in obscure, small Bethlehem type churches were waiting for a  revelation of a living Savior and Lord to touch their nation. These 'houses of bread' all across the nation, tucked away and hidden are filled with a remnant of people tired of religion and tradition, wanting the reality of their Lord.

This awakening that will flow through this nation will raise up a generation of  revolutionary reformers. They will shake the nation with a revelation of God's grace similar to the shaking that occurred with Martin Luther's revelation that the just shall live by faith. It is no surprise since this nation is predominantly Lutheran that God will choose to raise up radical reformers after the likes of Martin Luther to show forth His grace, triumphing over law and legalism. This will flows forth into a revelation of intimacy, fellowship, and communion with a risen Savior, overflowing over legalism, religion, and tradition into abundant Life.

This awakening will touch with power a generation of young people, overwhelmed by the love of Christ. This is not a surprise to us as this prophecy has been sounding forth throughout the nations of the world for some time now. But it was as I looked into their eyes, beyond the shaved heads, body piercings, tattoos, nose rings, ear rings, black clothes, and satanist t-shirts that I heard the Lord speak two words - 'suppressed rage'. This rage within these young people is revealed in outward manifestations of dress and inward seeking of the supernatural through cultic activities and witchcraft. When this rage is touched and healed by the Spirit of God, through a revelation of a living Savior, reformers and revolutionaries will explode on the scene with the truth of Jesus Christ that will take the nation by storm.

Finland shall be awakened to show forth the glory of the Lord in the coming days. The generations shall unite to show forth this glory. A nation of kings and priest, holy unto their God, mighty in intercession and evangelism, shall arise and be catapulted onto the stage of world events that is coming in these last days.

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