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Strategic Prophetic Word - Norway/Sweden/Finland

Strategic Prophetic Word - Europe - Norway/Sweden/Finland

August 4, 2006
I am seeing the Scandinavian Nations—Norway, Sweden, and Finland. I am just going to prophesy revival in Norway, Sweden, and Finland. I believe, Lord, You are showing me that there is a German who is going to have great influence and great anointing in the Scandinavian region. And so Father, I join with him now by faith, and I say "release that influence, release that power, release that proclamation" Lord for some transformation in those nations in the name of Jesus. And I get the name Marcus, I have no idea, but Lord if you are going to mark that person or if that is his name, we just believe tonight for a German who has a commission to the Scandinavian nations. We believe that he will make a marked difference in a number of cities in that region of the world.


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